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Author CactusRose

Hello friend!   I am an author, artist, and creativity consultant to the Enroute Media Group…

After a  successful reinvention of my own (an open-ended process, I’m afraid!) following an early out from constantly balancing personal life with the career ladder (nontraditional studies, solo parenting, home, and the  other intrepid responsibilities we all have) for over 34 years, I am restoring my hands-on creativity more productively than I could when all of my inner resources went into the workplace.  Now I have a healthy, creative, ‘worksome, playsome’ lifestyle.  Together with my beautiful family and media group I explore everything that glows with interest.  Author CactusRose is also a youth asset promoter and playful spirit enjoying halflings and grown children.

From my location in the Great Lakes region of Michigan, I write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, press releases, edit, review, or whatever is needed at the time, for children, teens, adults, and organizations.  Some of the fiction contains what is termed ‘magical realism,’ or transforming everyday experiences into extraordinary.  Whimsical escapades and creative reinvention voyages are meant to be adventurous, playful, and entertaining.  Many stories contain an element of transforming dreams and callings into reality.  Hopefully, they will inspire other action dreamers.

Besides writing and designing worlds, I love to read stories of adventure, romance, legend, myth, mysteries, some scifi fantasies, hero journeys, world news, anything that makes a person better and brings beauty to our world…

My favorite music to write by is: Smooth Jazz, Inspiring tunes, SoundScapes (wishing for a bubbly Mediterranean fountain by the sea).  I greatly appreciate the learning opportunities offered by competitions, NaNoWriMo, and writer groups.

Doing anything in, on, around, and near big water is intriguing. I also love to dance, bike, hike, travel, sail, cruise, visit Disney, galleries, B&B’s, globetrot, spend time with family & friends, and explore…I am above all curious, creative, intuitive, shamelessly romantic with an open worldview that is much younger than a mere number implied by chronological age!  The world is a beautiful place and I intend to enjoy its spectacular landscapes to the fullest extent possible.

Remember, friends were strangers once, too… I like to actively explore both the global setting and the world of creative dreams, traveling whenever possible, and letting friendship bloom. With my tongue in cheek, I will say that I am often told…after the long struggle to raise a family, dig my family back out of painful relationships, complete degrees, a professional career, national seminars, Fortune 500 internship, and forty bazillion other experiences that create a rounded life…that I have a ‘PhD’ in Life. Haha! I can only wish and hope someone will enjoy what I write. Because writing is a calling as strong as creating visual or performing art, and a calling can only be denied at one’s peril. 

This blog will focus on my writing, author resources such as the DreamSculptr Writing Academy and reviews, DreamSculpting, inspirational thoughts for creative dreamers, plus a few ‘topics of interest’ (at least to moi!).  I hope you enjoy and share with your feedback!  Sending hugs your way ~

From: United States
Language: English
Gender: Female
My favorite books:
Stories of adventure, romance, legend, myth, mystery, scifi fantasy, hero journeys, world news, anything making a person better and bringing beauty to our world…
My favorite quote: Creatively ~  Ignite and propel your dreams!
My last book: Guernsey Literary Society, House Rules, others
Occupation: Author, creativity consultant, photographer, painter, clay sculptr, miniaturist, loving relationship seeker…
My hobbies: Walk by water, creative time with family & friends, dance, read, theater, anything done with rhythm and creativity..
Actively explore and realize dreams, travel, and friendship. Major university, national seminars, and forty bazillion experiences that create a rounded life.

This entry is “under development!”

It does, of course, include all of my intended books and artwork and family events. More to the point, though…

A studio!  For the many directions I seem to go in all at once.  A large creative space where a renaissance person (me) can pursue many interests in earshot of, if not in sight of, nature and water.  With room for display and my exercise equipment.  Near a quaint tree-lined recreational area, preferably high above Lake Michigan. It’s been designed for years.  In several formats.

A logo and graphic depictions of the magical “tools” to include in my books.

Incentive and encouragement.

Several paintings and sculptural, figurative pieces that illustrate ideas in my books, and are well in process but need finishing.

Legacy.  NatSplat.  Velveteen Picture. Watchers in the Wild. First Anthology. BuildAMate.  Burnin Daylight.

Doing better now…keep ’em comin’ …you can do it!  Cheers!  Of course, I’d give it all up for certain other circumstances I want…which is exactly why I have to keep going until they can practically finish themselves.  No matter that I might just age someday and miss the other boat.  A calling is a calling.  I just wish my callings were a little less intense late at night and a little more cuddly.  So in the meantime, it’s me and my stuffie Patches.  An intrepid combination.

Add your dreams and projects here:__________________________________________.  Cheers!!!

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