March 22, 2011

Recently, I had the great privilege to join a large studio. While that means much additional work for all involved, it also provides each of us an opportunity to swap suggestions and bring our various ideas, talents, and niches to light while developing our skill and enjoying ourselves in a versatile media.

A few years ago, I joined a progressive local writer’s group. Two years ago, we wrote, edited, designed, published, and marketed our first member anthology.  I contributed map artwork, stories, and poems. This year, we published an expanded second book, featuring a contest and 24 writers.  Group sharing can supply a powerful jumpstart to writing.

Even though the groups are immensely helpful, among my current dreams is owning and operating a spacious, organized independent studio…so that, I will not have to travel 35 miles round trip and carry my tools and half-finished artwork. So that, I will have the quiet – or the right music – needed to tap the inner muse for original inspiration. So that, I can carry on safely at any time of the day or night that I am free, in my pj’s with bed hair and a jumbled schedule. So that, I will know where to find tools I need without unpacking portable art bins. So that, there will be a dedicated gallery/display area where I can scan with a more holistic vision and see the next possibility. And, above all, so that I can assemble a selection of gifts and donations without having to wonder which box, under which bed, they are packed in, or what they even are!  A studio of my own is needed to maximize creative energies and minimize distraction, energy-depleting extra duties, and schedule robbers. To entertain the muses and let the Divine ebb and flow through my hands. To better hear the Divine and allow an expression of light and love and beauty wash into the world as it wishes.

I like to exercise my imagination. Doing so has helped me preserve my youthfulness and realize many personal and family dreams, without which my life would have stalled long ago. Nowadays the process involves a combination of visualization, imagination, belief, practice, and, of course, action. You may call me a late bloomer, if you wish. I climbed the career ladder and broke the glass ceiling, while raising two very bright children who are, today, at the forefront of their organizations.

There are many ways to exercise the imagination. Several of my personal favorites include: writing and reading older children’s scifi fantasy, shaping clay, modelling miniatures, painting in watermedia, computer applications, dance, travel, and visual journaling. Oh, yes…not to mention, I have outlined and drafted several other stories and books that could each launch a series. Some are short, some are long..some are child to young adult, some more decidedly adult. Most of them are in some stage of the project process, and, if put on a Gantt chart, would compose a rugged profile of ups and downs. I intend to highlight several of them and share progress as momentum builds.

Through use of online writing sites, I have discovered that social writing is an extremely helpful tool to bring focus to the ‘Renaissance” person – one with many focal points, interests, skills, and intensely fascinating new directions that keep opening before them each time they venture out.

Under ‘Firefly Express’ is a little starter story I am sharing, one that takes place near the Emperor’s Moat and answers the prompt theme: What I found under the snow.  You may notice that the imagination can take a surprising direction!

Next time, I will mention some of the projects I want to breathe life into, as well as dream-propelling tips that I have found helpful for maintaining focus and handling the deafening deluge of sensory overload in the environment at the very moment we most need to slow to the pace of creativity. See ya soon!