Hello, Friends!        ‘Firelight’ was excellent in a worldwide poetry contest!

Writing poetry is a lot like dancing.  It’s a heartfelt sweeping waltz, a rollicking jig, a jazzy Charleston that makes it possible to get into deep, expressive imagery and soar rhythmically into the starry night of a storyteller.  Thank you,  from all the honorary residents of “Chocolate Town,” for stopping by.  You already know the way there – the winding path through the dark and distant snow is paved by a life well-lived, navigated by reading between the lines, and lit by following the light in your own heart.  Creatively ignite and propel your dreams!

Enjoy this illustrated book while it is still free, as have hundreds of other readers.   Meanwhile, I will be reorganizing and updating. You may download and/or ‘save to favorites’ (press the Star at end of book or below it,  if you have created a free account). It will then be yours, perhaps even after BookRix sales begin.  If not, contact me with the username you used for the save and I’ll try to gain you access.  I welcome your feedback, so please leave a short comment in the box at end of book and submit.  Thank you in advance!!!  Sending warm hugs,  C…

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Firelight ~ A Fireside poetry collection. Illustrated relationship musings woven into images of romance, endings, and new beginnings that soar on the powerful winds of change.  Click to read

Reviews for FireLight:

Amazing ~ So much emotion! I could read these over and over and I’m sure I will. I particularly like candles, yes they can burn down a house. Love that picture, too. Torn is amazing. And Melt Down is delightful. Such a range of emotion in these poems and so well done…blkhbask
Firelight ~ I enjoyed the imagery throughout your book! I loved the way you played with words that may [or may not] be ‘Olde’ English..and the panache that endured to the end..voted and kept as saved to my favorites!…ps
Word wonders!   I loved Snowfairies, wintry soul, Regrets, oceans, heart star:  you have a fine way with words: keep it up,…jlc
Touched my Heartstrings!  What a wonderful collection of poems and beautiful images. I loved Regrets and related as if I was standing beside the author…nutmeg
Very romantic ~ soft and beautiful collection of poems stemming from a sublime soul and a special heart. I enjoyed reading it…olfaphila
Very artistic ~ Love the way this book is presented. Although I’m not a poet I would enjoy having a copy of this to browse from time to time. Well done!…gmcas
Just Lovely!   I enjoyed your book immensely! Looking forward to reading more of your work!…llong
Firelight ~ A good ‘manual of the soul’ masquerading as a poetry book. Thank you for inviting me to read this wonderful work. Warm and satisfying, like a Winter meal.  (***** out of *****)…jmkarns
Delightful Poems ~ Very nice, poems … you’ve been busy! I really liked the “Bullies” poem. I also thought the background image you chose for your pages was very fitting…jlm
A magical tour ~ of lovely poems to warm a winter heart…rsp
Chocolate Town ~ Will you take me there to visit? Or do I already know the way?…season
Excellent. You’ve really captured the emotions of relationships, lost and otherwise. I think I’ll read this several times, I enjoyed it so much…tks
CactusRose ~ A fluffy throw, a warm drink and this book make for a happy time…quiltist
Beautiful photos and illustrations…dbs
Meltdown ~ Loved the way this title was written. The whole book was beautifully done and very enjoyable and snuggly to read…jw
Lovely ~ What a delightful work … I love the imagery…lh
Very nice ~ A lot of sensitivity and interesting connections…kc
Wow ~ This is a good poem book…mml
Good imagery and emotion in poems. A hard job done well…redcanyon

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