Treasure Mountain is both portal to a gallery of collectibles and a gateway to the land of creative reinvention.  As time permits, I would like to discuss subjects ~ such as inspiration, callings, long-held dreams, dream propellers, reinvention voyages, and whimsical adventures ~ in hopes of inspiring action dreamers like myself to playfully navigate the labyrinth of reinvention.  I can’t give away everything in the series before publication, so for now I would like to hear from you what does work when realizing dreams, does not work, and how to make work what does not.  Treasure Mountain is also a prime action setting in the adventure series World of Patches.

Gain access to Treasure Mountain by tracing luminescent colors of the Magic Palette through the Blackberry Forest to the Patchwork Treehouse and hopping aboard the Firefly Express. This will take you on a virtual journey to a fascinating realm of creativity, where you will have an opportunity to move even closer to your own aspirations. Treasure Mountain will later establish a port of departure at TuckaLucky Cove.  From the cape we can embark on a virtual cruise through a sunny archipelago of discovery and diversion islands, guided by the easy-to-follow TreasR Compass.  “Scratchwork’ characters from the adventures series lead most excursions.

As you can see, I’m doing my own dreaming here.  Eventually, Patchwork Treehouse Press will offer series editions.  TreasR Mtn Miniature Gallery will offer artwork and peripherals.  DreamCircles will share tips for facilitating small groups.

Check Playful Spirit from time to time for inspiring thoughts, and Firefly Express for whimsical stories.  CactusRose will link you to my free ebooks.  Who knows what will happen as series develop? Questions and feedback are welcome as my creative muse plays developer…