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Give your lovely longings a powerful outcome!

Keep it simple…

( Creatively`*•.¸_¸ . ♫♥*
`♥♪♫-´¯)  propel your dream! .¸¸.☆

What? Give your dream/goal a name: ________________________________________________

Why? List a powerful reason why you must do this: _______________________________________

With what outcome? What do you want to happen if you accomplish this pursuit? ___________________

What steps or pieces can you break the project into?_______________________________________

Where are you now on this dream’s radar? _______________________________________________

What would you need to do or change to get there? ________________________________________

Who or what can you enlist to help?  __________________________________________________

What dreams have already come true for you?  ___________________________________________

How can achieving those goals help you with this one? ______________________________________

If folks out there tell you that you can’t, simply turn around and say, “Watch me!”  Run through walls…a brick at a time. And watch where you step.  Send a trial balloon ahead to point the way.


If you love Carousel Art and the related Painted Ponies as much as I, you will love this video about Disney’s restoration of the horses on the King Arthur Carousel…


I fell in love with the carousel and painted pony art form as a child.  Then we moved.  Later, after having children, I rediscovered carousels.  With my career speeding off in other directions, I discovered antique toy auctions. Between work, college, seminars, ‘estate’ management, and rearing teens, I forgot my passion again.

Today I write and explore the forgotten worlds of my dreams, so I’m rediscovering this interest dear to my heart.  Carousel books rest in a case less than three feet from my sleigh bed.  While I am still guilty of moving in scattered directions, I can quickly overview my growing venue of interests with those books and ornaments I’ve collected or received from my fantastic children over the year… including an awesome, intricately detailed musical  carousel from my daughter which I enjoy daily.

Pictures included for your enjoyment are: the Painted Ponies book, a carousel art calendar, an old carousel art shopping guide, and my musical miniature carousel replica .

I started this blog when this video inspired me.  In fact, the Art of Disney has always inspired my creativity.  I will update this item from time to time as I find links to new information. Now I return to the carousel art trail…

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