“See what a little wishin’ can do?” I am so grateful for help given me tonight that I am mimicking words spoken by Jiminy Cricket at the conclusion of the nightly Wishes fireworks at Magic Kingdom.

These words sum up not only what’s happened over the course of the past few days, they show the incredible power of dreams combined with action. For some reason, wishes have been coming true more frequently for me these past few years.

At 7:30 pm last night I finally gathered enough energy to heft a shovel and clear a snow-clogged drive. I had waited until dark so no one would see me struggling with 5′ drifts, but there they were – two men attacking the drive next door with a truck blade and a snow blower. One of them saw me shoveling and raced over with his snow blower to clear my drive and a length of sidewalk. As I walked to their truck while they stowed their blower afterward, they said I owed them nothing and drove off! This is such a proud example of humanity in action. People helping people. Dreams in motion.

Earlier this week, I returned home exhausted from keeping up with younger members of a local ski club on a fast paced trip to the southern Caribbean. I had an injured foot I hadn’t told anyone about. We hired a driver, took volcanic mud baths, crashed through fifteen foot ocean swells over and over on a speed boat, shopped till we dropped (I bought a badly needed hat), snorkeled off a catamaran, danced a bit, took advantage of opportunities. Relaxing for even a moment meant being left out. In some cases that meant all day. It was continuous, hyper, extension. On return I wanted only to melt into the woodwork for a few days. Life rarely works that way for long, however. Trying to rest while keeping obligations met is a continual challenge.

Exhausted, and with no fresh food in the house, I warmed up canned soup with wilting Brussel sprouts and ate shriveled apples for a couple of days.

After a couple days of this, I stopped to meditate for a minute. I asked, believed, and gave thanks for whatever would solve my situation without going out of the house for groceries when it was time for recouping energy healthfully. I mean, in lieu of a stimulant like coffee or cola. Instantly I had an idea. Throwing together some frozen smoked turkey left from a Christmas celebration, frozen peas, diced tomatoes, Tuscan spices, olive oil, the ever-present Kalamata olives, and Mozzarella sprinkles from a forgotten bag in the back of the freezer, the resulting dish was pretty and very delicious. It made a nice meal instead of snacking all day.

Even though I am still recovering from a dream trip, starvation is no longer an issue. At least eight to ten meals can be made from only a few frozen bits of meat and canned elements. The freezer is a little cleaner now. There is room for fresh groceries.

Better yet, the snowy drive is passable once more! The intrepid human spirit triumphs again. Moreover, two snowy ‘angels’ touched the earth when they were most needed and promptly disappeared.

Yes, it is possible to see what a little wishin’ can do. Thanks, Jiminy.