Give your lovely longings a powerful outcome!  Keep it simple…

( Creatively`*•.¸_¸ . ♫♥*
`♥♪♫-´¯)  propel your dream! .¸¸.☆

What? Give your dream/goal a name: ________________________________________________

Why? List a powerful reason why you must do this: _______________________________________

With what outcome? What do you want to happen if you accomplish this? ________________________

What steps or pieces can you break the project into?_______________________________________

Where are you right now in this pursuit? _______________________________________________

What would you need to do or change to get there? ________________________________________

Who or what can you enlist to help?  __________________________________________________

What dreams have already come true for you?  ___________________________________________

There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t.  What you can do is turn around and say, “Watch me!”  Run through walls…a thing at a time.