Hello, it’s nice to meet you.  I am an author and a social creature, two facets that can compete.

I write whatever is needed, from illustrated poetry to mystery and ‘magical realism’ fantasy fiction to historical docufiction, whimsical escapades, and beyond.   When asked, I’ve illustrated a little for friends using ink, watermedia, other artwork, and photography.

At the current time I’m in the process of publishing my first full-length fiction novel, based on a beautiful, nautical vineyard peninsula.

Some time ago I took an early out from a rewarding human resources career to focus more on creativity, a facet that had been incubating intensely.  By then, my work life vs personal life was out of balance. Responsibility consumed everything.  I raised a family, took hundreds of business seminars, studied art, and collected enough supplies, equipment, exes, accolades, and stories to fill a studio twice over.

My interests grew during that time, broadening my experience.  I interned at Disney, coaching several who asked, then flew away to achieve their dreams.  Once I would have liked to be an Imagineer or an animator, a decorator, nurse, educational psychologist, travel consultant, even a scientist like half of my family, or anything but sit still.  Now I’d happily share a studio with my love in an area of great beauty and have more time to explore this great world.

Today I am a budding artist and emerging author.  I have stories in print books, short ebooks, and a great deal of well-established work awaiting refinement.  Often I mix genres, superimposing everyday reality with myths and legends, fairy tales, folktales, mystical, and non-traditional with traditional ideas. I have also written a historical reenactment.  Instead of using sorcery to achieve magic, I use incidents which many of us might consider everyday miracles, if not magical occurrences.  A few of my ‘tools’ push boundaries.  In the future I may become bolder.

Some of my fiction may be described within the film, literary and visual art genre of Magical realism.  It is a sub genre of speculative fiction and fantasy that, according to Wikipedia, is an aesthetic style or genre of fiction in which magical elements blend with the real world. A story explains these magical elements as real occurrences, presented in a straightforward manner that places the “real” and the “fantastic” in the same stream of thought.  If my writing fits this category, it is an interesting facet.

The cast of characters includes ordinary and extraordinary real life figures, superimposed with royalty (Emperors, Kings, and Celebs),  fantastical or ‘paranormal’ (Elves, fairies, leprechauns, restless spirits, half-breeds or partially transformed), and mythical pantheons (Mt. Olympus, Celtic, Eastern, Native American, and Hollywood).  Some villains are derived from ancient persona, nature gone wild, folklore given a new twist, or a corrosive element from the past that needs to be transformed and spun in new directions.

With interests stretching in many directions, it can be challenging deciding where to focus for the first  novel. Part of the confusion relates to contest entry.   They motivated me to write in various diverging themes. Their topics wander through a labyrinth.  I have a plethora of mini books online, complete with covers, descriptions, dedications, illustrations, and keywords.

“FireLight” was the first poetry I wrote.  This eBook is a 45-page illustrated ‘Fireside’ collection woven from images of romance, endings, and new beginnings that soar on the powerful winds of change, plus some bonus material and poems written to feature books in progress. This book rode high in international competition for a long time.

In the last year and a half, other short eBooks joined FireLight, such as “Music of the Wind,” “Magnificent Beast,” FaerySong,” “Watchers in the Wild,” “TeddyTears,” “Spirit: BlackHills Gold (in revision),” “Streak,” and “Toga.”  Other recent creations awaiting their place are  “Koko,” “Alchemyst,” “Warrior Amulet,”  “TerraFirma,” and “Methuseleh.”  Some are just waiting for revision, like  “Inches ‘N Seconds,” “BlackStrap Molasses,” “BrushWhipped,” “Three Drumming Gifts,” “Cinder Goose,” “MommaBomba,” “Boldness has Magic,” “Compass Rings” and others.  I am also completing several longer, well established projects:

“Velveteen Picture,” a magical holiday tale.

“Legacy,” the first novel featuring ‘Prickly Sage’ and my first full-length novel of any kind to be drafted in its entirety.

“NatSplat the Pumpkin Brat,” my first children’s saga about Discovery (Lunatic?) Island and Runaway Bay.

Recently published in print were:  “Treasures Beyond Measure,” “Eye ‘O the Storm,” “Falling for Fall,” “Music of the Wind,” “Silver Bells,” “Gingerbread Castle,” and a few poems…”Fireside Nights,” “Where?” and “Cello.”

But by far my favorite is the Enchanted World series. I really ought to complete this. The personal rewards are high but it will take considerable time.  Family, friends, and colleagues who have previewed are eagerly waiting to read the adventures of a character named BlackBerry Patches.  The series also features “TippyTop” for children.  The first two books (of a possible seven outlined) in the young adult series are quite well developed, and these adventures are fun to write because I have an excuse to exercise my imagination.  Together, they are part of an even larger series.

The adventures illustrate a playful self enhancement book and share some characters during a journey through a forest of patchwork dreams.  A virtual treehouse can be built a patch at a time by virtually stitching together ‘scraps of life’ with ‘multicolored thread’ into a maze of quilted branches, thus creating a guide for unsung heroes with dreams to fulfill.  Included is a compass I developed for my use when I experienced barriers to my own goals and dreams.  Other features shared between books are constructs I call ‘tools’.

This series percolated for most of my career.  I guess it’s no surprise it took on a life of its own.  If you attempt to run away from your own creation you’ll be hauled back by the thumbnails.  Just try!

My fondest hope – and perhaps only salvation, is to pull everything together, perhaps while writing with a great partner and collaborator.  Going it alone takes less energy, but when that is no longer fun we become more creative.  In the meantime, I am wondering if an anthology of all those other stories is in order, with proceeds benefiting a very helpful charity. I don’t know whether to include a few outside authors to retain freshness, but I think that is an idea worth developing.

Prompts and contest guidelines spawned several of the stories.  Some are fiction, some are real. Overall, though, with tweaking they are compatible with each other and could fit one umbrella topic.   In the future I’ll share more on writing, as I have relationships with a board member of IBPA (Independent Book Publishers), an author/publisher/cyber community guru, writing groups, authors, and a publisher I assisted at BEA (Book Expo America International) on several occasions.

Possible future topics I’m considering:  writing speculative fiction, creative nonfiction, characterization, plots, author platform building, personal motivation, marketing tips, and topics of special interest (especially to moi!).

Remember, if you are writing, these are your stories.   Run through walls.  Combine genres. Explore. Stories do not have to be complex and multidimensional.  Just write from the bottom of your heart and let your mind soar into the imaginative ozone if you find it has a propensity to do so.  Above all, make it believable.  If you like it, others will too!  Make it fun.  Treat.  Doodle. Write!

Do it creatively . .♫♥*`*• ..¸¸.☆